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Master Key Week 1- How I got here.

12065751_10153086009091512_1018725154869816876_nHow I got here.

It is really amazing how life can change in an instant. In my case I have been wanting it for a long time. But like everyone else I have just let life take over. I had become concerned with everything on the outside. The house, cars, clothes. All those material things that don’t matter. The things in the end know one will care about. It is really funny or sad (depends on how you look at it) but I have found that the more stuff I get, the more unhappy or unfulfilled I seem to become. Besides lots of stuff and bigger bills. I have found that all these things are not filling what is really missing.

Is it true? What I have been feed my whole life is not true. Things really don’t bring true happiness? They are just side attractions, yes they are nice to have. But in the end I was really missing something. So at first I looked at the people around me. Like everyone else I wanted to blame that. I am unhappy because of people at work. Or is it the people closest to me? is it there fault..  is it my friends? Why am I not that happy? Oh on the outside I was happy as can be. What a great actor. I live the life. Great job. Great house. Great wife. If you read my facebook you would think wow. Jeff has it all. What a life this guy has.

Looking at everyone else and blaming them sure did not work. It just seemed to make things worse and it made me feel worse. To the point I was even like what the hell is going on here. My life seemed to take a dump, Wife was unhappy, my son was even more than unhappy. People at work where upset all the time. I lost some sales due to things out of my control. Hell everything was crazy in the world. My mind was racing, I had gone from being positive, to were I had to say my thoughts where not that way anymore. I was negative and blaming everything else. At least my inner thoughts where.

So about 6 or 7 months ago I said to myself something had to change. So I finally looked at the true culprit. It was me. It was my fault. I did not know why it was, but I had to put it on me.  I had to start the process of what are you doing wrong Mr. Larson. Of course it was not easy at first.I still wanted to put it on everything else. It was their fault. But as time went on, my thoughts changed and I looked within for some answers. I asked myself questions. The really big one. What is missing? After some time I figured some things out.

  • I had quit learning, I was in a dead zone. My Brain was not being used.
  • I had quit sourcing for that spiritual thing I have always been looking for.
  • The thoughts I had were not helping myself or the people I loved and carried about most.
  • I had let myself become a real downer inside and out.

There are probably a few more but you get the point. So I thought what can I do to make things better? I have always told everyone else that your thoughts control your life and what the outcome is. Where you will go. Just ask my awesome wife. (I have been dumb enough to use that one in an argument.)   I had quit paying attention to my own thoughts. To what my purpose was. What was important to me?. Hell I did not even know what was important anymore.  So one day I woke up and just started sourcing. I did not tell anyone. I keep it myself. I did what I could to control what I was thinking about. Then started think something new to put out there.  I ask myself questions, ask the world and then universe to help. Of course I had to pay attention if anything came back.

Funny thing is. It has come back. Things are changing and coming into my life. The thoughts I put out there have but me in contact with new things, new thoughts and best of all some great people to help me on my journey. I have seen some great changes in what’s going on around me. Because I have changed,  it is changing the things around me and what I am thinking on a regular base

Master Key Mastermind is the newest thing to enter my life. I am very excited about this new adventure. It is only week one and I feel different already. Some of the readings and teachings have really hit home. Things like The Golden Buddha. The fact we all have the power through our thoughts to change ourselves first and then help those around us. To name a few. These is going to be a great 6 months. It is not going to be easy, there is a lot of work to be done inside this head of mine. I do look forward to the adventure. I look forward to changing myself through how I think.

I also wanted to thank the folks at Master Key and the last class for giving my Wife Angela and myself a Pay it forward Scholarship. Without that we would not be able to take this course. I am very thankful and will take full advantage of this opportunity.

Well that is my first ever Blog. Life is truly amazing. Who would have thought I could do this. WOW..

Time to finish my DMP…  found my purpose.

Ultimate love to everyone. Jeff