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Week 5- Master Key. My Services, No Opinions.

Nature-3D-Wallpapers_imageThis week in MKMMA land My Services,

So week 5 is here. We started behind a day. Trip to California for a family matter and then a wedding Saturday meant we were driving home while class was going on Sunday. Oh well, I got to hang at my favorite spot San Clemente. The beach was gorgeous and the water was warm. Very much worth the lost day. Needed the time to chill for a few hours and smell the roses. In my case the Ocean and those wonderful crashing waves. So easy to take a nap at the beach.

Well MKMMA this week. Great class. Learned a lot and things really are coming together. My to do list for class this week. Write a Press Release for the future. Done see Press Release page on this Blog. Rewrite my PPN and turn it in before Thursday Midnight Hawaii time. Done.  Write this weeks Blog. Week 5. Doing it.  DMP / POA cards update. Done.

Daily stuff to do this week. MKMMA – read scrolls 3 times a day. At night out load. ( hard one for me. 2 times seems to be the trend )  Read DMP / POA cards twice a day.  repeat “do it now” 25 times twice a day.  repeat “I can be what I well be” 20 times twice a day. Read my blue print builder once a day very passionately. Read the Master Key everyday and follow the seat down instructions.  Plus my 2 instructions to myself. Contact 3 new people for your business daily. I meditate twice a week for 15 minutes. I am also reading the law of giving twice a day. If that’s not enough I am reading the Law of Compensation one night this week. I have been told to have my dictionary ready. Lots of big words.  🙂

To most this would seem crazy. For myself it is the greatest. I have become really organized with my time. There is really not a minute to spare. I have a full time job, plus a home based business Angela and myself are doing. TV has been 86 in our lives. I have more energy and new thoughts that I can ever remember. Nothing seems to be unsolvable anymore. There is always a way to make it happen. I feel my wife and myself becoming a true master mind. Really working together..  Life is awesome.

So my last service this week. Well last two.. For the next two weeks (at least) I have no opinions. Not a one. I am standing back and observing things. Opinions are only your ego. I am giving mine a rest and lettings myself grow. It should be interesting to see what happens. I have always had lots of opinions. Now.  The 7 Laws of the Mind.

  1. Law of Forgiveness – I forgive everyone
  2. Law of Duel Thought – I can attach any feeling I desire to any thought. My Choice.
  3. Law of Substitution – I can instantly replace a negative thought with a positive one.
  4. Law of Relaxation – My relaxed, calm state of mind helps me access infinite intelligence.
  5. Law of Practice – I practice daily, including these laws, and perform amazing because of Practice.
  6. Law of Subconscious – My subconscious works 24-7 to manifest what I plant along with my DMP.
  7. Law of Growth – Whatever I think about grows and what I forget atrophies without exception.

Well that is my week and I am sticking to it.

Love and Peace to everyone. Jeff

I always keep my promises.

Master Key week 4 – Things just keep happening

beach-nature-scenes-1  Hello there,

Another great week in MKMMA land. Studies are going great, I am getting my readings done. Working on my DMP and PPN’s.  Rewriting the DMP in SMART goal format. Plus the job’s and life. Then of coarse writing this blog. It just doesn’t get better.

Everything  is just coming together. If you read last weeks blog you know we got some things stolen from our house and that whole story. I went win-win and things are working out. Well we took a PSI class a week ago it finished on Wednesday night. Wednesday a friend asked asked me to go to an event. I could not go Wednesday because of the get together at PSI. I added  I could get by Thursday at some time. He called it a GoPro event. Hell I guessed it was the little camera guys. (No clue)  He is a great friend and he knew Angela and myself started up a side business we do from home. He told me he would help us out some time a few weeks ago. Little did I know?

Well I show up to the event and it’s the superstars that have made it big in the MLM business plus some of their cool friends. It was amazing. Thursday night we saw The guy who wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  Robert Kiyosaki. He was funny and enlightening.  Friday Night it was Tony Robbins night. About as good as it gets. He is from my home town in California, Azusa. Not to mention all the true professionals who were speaking about how to do it right in the business we started. It was like getting a cheat sheet before you even new about the test.

It’s really a great thing when you start to work on yourself and seek personally development. It has just been like one win fall the last few weeks. One thing after another.  First it was how I got into the MKMMA classes. Then the PSI coarse and how we stuck it out though a lot that went wrong.  Without catching a breath it was like the GoPro just shows up. Really must be the Stars aliening right?   I have to say no. It is our thoughts and were they are taking us. I am loving the ride so far. I can’t wait to see what happens the next 5 months..

Go MKMMA..  Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

Peace and Love.   Jeff

MKMMA – Week 3- What a weekend….

cropped-human-space-universe-cosmos.jpgWhat a weekend.

So were do I begin. I guess at the beginning. For my MKMMA Sunday this week. It is the only Sunday we would miss this seminar. We had committed to a Basic coarse with another group a month ago. Our weekend was booked up Friday thru Sunday. Our friend Lance had asked us to attend and he really believed in the coarse. One of the many things we have learned the last few week was I promise, I always keep my promises.  We have written it and said it out load quit a few times. MKMMA it is in everything we do. That was really tested this weekend.

Thursday night it all started. First off my son had some friends over. ( He has been asked not to bring his friends to our house) It was after midnight closer to one when we were awaken. I had him send them home. About 3:30 am we got a knock on the door. One on them had lost his wallet. He was very upset and was blaming my son for stealing it. I had them leave and said we would look for it in the morning. It was never found. So we got up that morning, did our MKMMA readings and got ready for that Fridays seminar. No worse for ware and excited to see what our new adventure was. First day was nice and they had gone over a lot of things we had been working on.  We headed home then we get a phone call. It was my son our house had been robbed. To make a long story short. It sucked. We had a rough night. We had a lot taken. I never even got upset at the things being taken, I did have a few words for my son. (longer story)

Point is it would have been easy to get up and not finished the classes. You know to break a promise and quit. I was just not about that. We got up did our day. ( it was a rough day personally in the class) it really was a day of learning about yourself. It is not pretty when you head home. There is a lot of personal things you are looking over about you. Plus some homework on top of that. We get home Saturday I do what I need to get done. I had just finished the last of my nightly MKMMA readings. I get a phone call around 9:30. (personal what happened. not there yet)  I ended up at the ER till 1:30 in the morning. Then back again at 5. Got a whole 3 hours of sleep. Now I really had an excuse not to finish. Not to go to class the next day. But I made a Promise….

So I woke up.. Told myself I was full of energy, and chose to keep my promises. I finished class that day. Made Some life long friends and grew personally more than I could imagine. It was one of the best and worse weekends I have ever had. I had every excuse to quit. In hindsight I  was lucky enough to start MKMMA a few weeks before all this. It really came down to. I made a promise. I always keep my promises. That statement keep me focused on the task and why I was there. I wanted a better me.

It is amazing what life can throw at you. It is true that it is your thoughts and reaction how you handle it.

Love to all..  Jeff

MasterKey – week 2 Back to school and more

Hopetoun_fallsBack to School and more

So my life has completely changed over the last few weeks. In so many ways. I have gone from being a bored couch lizard, to someone who is busy 24/7. Not a moment to spare. Besides my full time job at Mikuni were I get to sell awesome food products to all the cool Chefs in Las Vegas and around the Country. My wife and myself have decide to do a small business together on our spare time. Xcellent Choice Global. We are both really excited about their products and how they will change the world. On top of that this weekend we have a class we had signed up for a few months ago. The Basic. It will be a 12 hours a day. Friday through Sunday. We always keep our promises (MKMMA) so we will be there.

Now the thing that is truly changing our lives. How we think, what we do daily and our habits. Master Key Mastermind Alliance.  Something that was not even on our radar 2 weeks ago.  I met with a friend John and our mentor JR for a quick lunch 2 weeks ago. JR had mentioned the class to John as a reminder it started that week on Sunday. John was already signed up. I took it in passing and said that sounds nice.  I had an upcoming class in the next two weeks The Basic and left it at that. That following Sunday I woke up and was thinking about the class that started that day. JR is a really successful guy. He had said it was important so I really wanted to get involved. I did not even know why but I had to go that day. So a few calls later my wife and myself where at the house everyone was meeting for the class . Angela did not even know why we were there. No books, no guide. Just to listen. Needless to say that is all it took. I got on the computer and sent off a few emails praying to get involved. I wanted my $1 scholarship. I had to get involved. This was just to important and I was not going to miss out. Even though everything and everyone said it was to late to get in the class. Guess what?  we got in that night and we have not looked back since.

MKMMA is truly the tool that is making the difference in our lives and future.  It is like going back to school, just a school that will change everything. We are learning so my important things about how we live. The power of our thoughts. The things that truly affect our lives. The World and the Universe around us. How we are connected to all of it and everyone.  The laws that keep everything in line and why we are successful or not. This is the best road map we could be following. We are making new strides daily doing our planned readings and the homework that we have been given. It is amazing the new thoughts and possibilities that have already entered our lives and this is only the second week of a 6 month class. This is going to be a wonderful journey. I can only imagine ourselves in 6 months. Thank you Universal power for bring this into our lives. Also for giving us the ability to organize our lives quickly.(LOL)

May love be with you and pay it forward! Jeff

Side note. We have a Monday class to. Learning all about Social Media. (this blog is part of it)