MasterKey – week 2 Back to school and more

Hopetoun_fallsBack to School and more

So my life has completely changed over the last few weeks. In so many ways. I have gone from being a bored couch lizard, to someone who is busy 24/7. Not a moment to spare. Besides my full time job at Mikuni were I get to sell awesome food products to all the cool Chefs in Las Vegas and around the Country. My wife and myself have decide to do a small business together on our spare time. Xcellent Choice Global. We are both really excited about their products and how they will change the world. On top of that this weekend we have a class we had signed up for a few months ago. The Basic. It will be a 12 hours a day. Friday through Sunday. We always keep our promises (MKMMA) so we will be there.

Now the thing that is truly changing our lives. How we think, what we do daily and our habits. Master Key Mastermind Alliance.  Something that was not even on our radar 2 weeks ago.  I met with a friend John and our mentor JR for a quick lunch 2 weeks ago. JR had mentioned the class to John as a reminder it started that week on Sunday. John was already signed up. I took it in passing and said that sounds nice.  I had an upcoming class in the next two weeks The Basic and left it at that. That following Sunday I woke up and was thinking about the class that started that day. JR is a really successful guy. He had said it was important so I really wanted to get involved. I did not even know why but I had to go that day. So a few calls later my wife and myself where at the house everyone was meeting for the class . Angela did not even know why we were there. No books, no guide. Just to listen. Needless to say that is all it took. I got on the computer and sent off a few emails praying to get involved. I wanted my $1 scholarship. I had to get involved. This was just to important and I was not going to miss out. Even though everything and everyone said it was to late to get in the class. Guess what?  we got in that night and we have not looked back since.

MKMMA is truly the tool that is making the difference in our lives and future.  It is like going back to school, just a school that will change everything. We are learning so my important things about how we live. The power of our thoughts. The things that truly affect our lives. The World and the Universe around us. How we are connected to all of it and everyone.  The laws that keep everything in line and why we are successful or not. This is the best road map we could be following. We are making new strides daily doing our planned readings and the homework that we have been given. It is amazing the new thoughts and possibilities that have already entered our lives and this is only the second week of a 6 month class. This is going to be a wonderful journey. I can only imagine ourselves in 6 months. Thank you Universal power for bring this into our lives. Also for giving us the ability to organize our lives quickly.(LOL)

May love be with you and pay it forward! Jeff

Side note. We have a Monday class to. Learning all about Social Media. (this blog is part of it)

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