Master Key week 4 – Things just keep happening

beach-nature-scenes-1  Hello there,

Another great week in MKMMA land. Studies are going great, I am getting my readings done. Working on my DMP and PPN’s.  Rewriting the DMP in SMART goal format. Plus the job’s and life. Then of coarse writing this blog. It just doesn’t get better.

Everything  is just coming together. If you read last weeks blog you know we got some things stolen from our house and that whole story. I went win-win and things are working out. Well we took a PSI class a week ago it finished on Wednesday night. Wednesday a friend asked asked me to go to an event. I could not go Wednesday because of the get together at PSI. I added  I could get by Thursday at some time. He called it a GoPro event. Hell I guessed it was the little camera guys. (No clue)  He is a great friend and he knew Angela and myself started up a side business we do from home. He told me he would help us out some time a few weeks ago. Little did I know?

Well I show up to the event and it’s the superstars that have made it big in the MLM business plus some of their cool friends. It was amazing. Thursday night we saw The guy who wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  Robert Kiyosaki. He was funny and enlightening.  Friday Night it was Tony Robbins night. About as good as it gets. He is from my home town in California, Azusa. Not to mention all the true professionals who were speaking about how to do it right in the business we started. It was like getting a cheat sheet before you even new about the test.

It’s really a great thing when you start to work on yourself and seek personally development. It has just been like one win fall the last few weeks. One thing after another.  First it was how I got into the MKMMA classes. Then the PSI coarse and how we stuck it out though a lot that went wrong.  Without catching a breath it was like the GoPro just shows up. Really must be the Stars aliening right?   I have to say no. It is our thoughts and were they are taking us. I am loving the ride so far. I can’t wait to see what happens the next 5 months..

Go MKMMA..  Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

Peace and Love.   Jeff

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