week 6 MasterKey- Wow.. Love does work things out.

So a bad start to the week. Guess Mark J hit it on the head. All in or all out?  This is the week. Did not get what he was saying at first.  I have been really excited, doing everything. I have followed all the directions. Been positive and passionate every week. Really have been feeling it. Like bam! Knocking it out of the park..  Everything has been going great. Then it was like a monster set in. The old blueprint just clawing its way back. It was like what the hell..  I got angry and really just annoyed with everything.. It was a pain to read..  I was not into the new scroll, Love everything and everyone.. Whats that all about..  I like people and things..  But my love is stingy. Then I asked myself why am I not watching my favorite shows on TV.  I really miss them. I like not having to think. Why am I better myself?  I was just fine the way I was..  Then it was why get up early. Just sleep in, no one will know..  What is this Movie poster all about? I just am not feeling it right now.. It was self pity all the way. Opinions, oh hell ya.. I got plenty of them. I want to share them now. Let me start with you my wife..  Wow…  what a bad dream….  But it wasn’t..  It was a really up and down for a few days. I was having it out in my head and I was taking no prisoners.

Finally this morning I got up.  still a little irritated.. I started reading the scroll…  I greet this day with love in my heart..  It hit me.. Why am I so stingy with love? My old blueprint really had me thinking Love is to be stingy with. Don’t give it away.. Its shows weakness. People will take advantage..  When you have tried to love you have always gotten hurt.  EGO… EGO… EGO…  They are not worthy of your love.

Then I read.. I will make love my greatest weapon and none on whom I call can defend against its force. Love the greatest force on earth..  It hit me. How has this other thinking been working for you? Always half in with love. But always wanting more. So what is the problem?  Just do it. I just let go. I started the scroll over. I read it with passion now. I really felt the words and there meaning. I made a shift. The old blueprint went BYE-BYE and what I had been building was back. It was like a brick wall was lifted and gone. I felt energized again. I had my Dharma back..  I found my focus again.

Next thing you know I started my Movie poster. Wow, It just flowed out. Everything tied together. I saw it all in my minds eye and it just came together. I am seeing, red dots, blue rectangles , green triangles, and yellow squares every where now.  I am in the flow again.

I greet this day with love in my heart. Henceforth, I will love all mankind. From this moment all hate is let from my veins, I only have time to love. From this moment I take the first step to become a man among men.


Until next week..  Peace and Love Jeff

I always keep my promises.

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