MasterKey week 7- Positive thoughts only please…


Another week of discovery, focus and learning all about me. Fast becoming my favorite subject. Mark J was right again.  This is a big adjustment. It has been down right frustrating and funny at the same time when you try to go all positive. I mean all positive. No negative thoughts period.  Then you add in love everyone and everything. Oh, ya. No opinions either. Holly Molly.. My old blue print has no were to go. It is down right feeling trapped.

Why is this you say?  Oh, Let me tell you. I have started My Mental Diet. What is that?  Well I have a goal of going 7 days straight with all Positive thoughts only. Like everyone else I do make mistakes and a negative thought does sneak out. What do I do?  I have some fantastic tools to use. The first being Law of Substitution.  I can instantly replace a negative thought with a positive one.  I have 5 to 7 seconds to do this. If I don’t I get to start all over.

Well lets recap.. Monday and Tuesday well lets just say. Every 20 minutes or so. BUZZ.. Go back to start. It was like wow. A news story. BUZZ… Start over…  Politics..  BUZZ..  Start over…  Conversation with the wife… BUZZ start over..  Watching sports… BUZZ.. start over…  it was down right funny…  until you really start really watching what your thinking you have no clue. It is just what we do. Its just normal.. Or at least we think that.

Come Wednesday it has started getting better.  I am catching myself. I am using my other tools like looking at my Move poster. Its a Law to. If I look at that my brain can’t stay negative. You can only think of one thing at a time, cool little trick. Another funny thing. You start driving those thoughts away and they start going away. Your mind starts to slow down, not so many things bouncing around in there. You become more focused. You start becoming even more creative in your thoughts. I had a break through making my music and DMP project.

So there I am, I just finished doing 2 songs for the project. But i was unhappy with the second ones quality. So I was searching Youtube and came across Reiki Zen Meditation music.  Turned it on to check it out. Next thing you know I decided to do a Meditation. (it was a Service I needed to start) My wife had given me some basic pointers. So I went for it. Wow. Really got to a good place. It was wonderful.  My mind calmed way down. Positive enriching thoughts and creativity just came. I found a really happy place.

Long story short. (its late)  I will be meditating daily and listening to this music. I erased all my new recordings to start over. Then I went in and rewrote my Darma. It just did not flow right and did not feel right over music. So I will rerecord my project in the morning. Meanwhile I wrote all you fine folks.  Can’t wait for Thursday.  I love this stuff..

Peace and love Jeff

I always keep my promises.

11 thoughts on “MasterKey week 7- Positive thoughts only please…

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  2. musclesmaster

    The first week of a new task is just about letting it sink in and processing it. Success with task comes when it comes. So – now their are many tasks in process all at once. The ones that really need to come to the surface will.


  3. masterkeymaryc

    Jeff, it’s great you instinctively knew you should rewrite your Dharma. The fact it didn’t feel right is a good indication you are just getting more and more in tune with the world within!



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