MKMMA week 8 – Think no Evil, Say no Evil, hear no Evil…


Hello Everyone,

So maybe those 3 little monkeys were smarter than we thought. We should have taken them more seriously. I know I just looked and laughed. Oh, Look how cute they are. I should have thought how truthful they are. In MKMMA we have learned that our thoughts or thinking really controls everything in your life. May it be the good in your life or what we call evil. It all comes from your thinking and what you think about everything.

Example, Two guys both are looking for the same thing in life. One of them thinks positively and loves. He stays in balance with the natural laws. The other guy hates evil and thinks about it all the time. They both have the same goals and want to get the same in life. Person A lives his life in peace and harmony. Person B brings upon himself discord of ever kind and character.

Why is this? Same goals, Just different outlooks and thoughts.  This is not by mistake. There are Immutable laws in the Universe. Which are very cool to learn. ( they don’t tell us this in school) One is that thoughts result in action. If your thoughts are constructive and harmonious, The results are good. If your thoughts are destructive and inharmonious the result is evil.

Think about it? If we hate anything even evil itself. Hatred is destructive and will attract things you don’t want in your life. So we must love and care for all things.  We must as people keep all negative thoughts away. Be the keeper of your gate.

The great thing is there are laws of the mind. ( Covered in a blog, from earlier) You can use them to keep out the negative thoughts. Or at least beat them down when they come. It is amazing, put up the fight, guard your mine and they start coming less and less.  I forgive everyone. So that takes away everyone’s power over my mind. I can attach a feeling of my choice to any thought. So no feeling to any thought makes it go away. I only attach feeling to the thoughts that are constructive and helpful to my Darma. I have the power to replace a negative thought with a positive thought Instantly. How cool is that? My choice and mine only.. I choose to practice this at all times. What happens with Practice? It becomes easy so we want to do it all the time. Best thing, now my mind has become more Relaxed and in a better state at all times. Because I am in a calm state of mind I can access the universal mind and have access to infinite intelligence.

Last but not least. I great this day with love in my heart. This is the greatest secret of success. I love all manners of men. My love opens the hearts of others and breaks down all bridges. It protects me in times of need like a shield. In time I will walk tall and unencumbered among all manners of men.

I greet this day with love in my heart.

Peace and Love. Jeff



13 thoughts on “MKMMA week 8 – Think no Evil, Say no Evil, hear no Evil…

  1. snazzygreetingcards

    LOVE it. You are so right about those monkeys – they were wiser than we thought. Now we know better. Congrats on being in the flow.


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