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MKMMA week 10 – Wow. Who was that guy..


The ordinary man, who has no definite knowledge of cause and effect, is governed by his feelings or emotions. The Master Key Part 10.  Wow, this really hit home this week. This is my old blueprint.  This was me. I guess I knew about cause and effect. I new that when I seemed to stay positive good things happened. Then when I was negative I attracted bad things or things just did not work out so good.  But even until I started this class. I was Mr. emotional.  You knew what I was feeling and what I was thinking by my emotions. People played it off like I was just passionate or he just cares more.  I was the greatest arguer and could win at it every time. It was easy. Sometimes I didn’t even like what I was arguing over. I just wanted to see if I could change someones mind about what they thought. I won every time. At least in my mind.

Wow I put a lot of energy into nothing. I contributed nothing to others and made them most likely feel bad. I would call have to call it ego. What an ego I had. I mean really. From what I have learned and concentrated on the last 10 weeks what a difference. To start  I forgive everyone to writing my Dharma. Practicing the seven laws of the mind.  Reading things that have created new habits.  My index cards. Writing I promise to.. I always keep my promises.  Holding myself accountable.  Saying do it now, 25 times twice a day.  The mental diet 7 days of only positive thoughts. (in a row. Make a mistake and start over) It has been a full ride. I am just no longer that person. The one who liked to argue. I have no opinion now and its by design.

Now we all know that other guy or blueprint will try to sneak back. But I must say he is at bay now. He is no longer controlling or even has a say in whats going to happen. My thoughts have slowed down. They are more concentrated. I am focus on the present and my Dharma. I know what I want.  I am doing the things to get me there. The little things that stopped progress before are just not there. aka me. I am a new and better me. I have turned the corner as they say. I have found a new calmness and spirituality. I am excited to learn again. I see me in the future and concentrate on it daily knowing the universe will bring me the tools to get there. How cool is that?

Life is funny. When you decide enough is enough. The universe will get you the knowledge you seek.  It will bring things into your life you never expected. Now that I have the keys I well never let them go. These are my thoughts and my mind. I will stay positive and focused. I may trip but I will get up quickly and learn that lesson.  Then I will move forward. Our thoughts and what we think are everything. Cause and effect.  It is our choice what we want to cause and what the effect is. So stay positive. Dream big. Use your imagination.  Give more. Get more.

Peace and love Jeff