Jeff Larson

5’9 Blue eyes


Work @ Mikuni Wild Harvest

Work @ Xcellent Choice

I am happily married to Angela Larson. I have one son Tristan Larson 18 years old. Love them the most-est. I have two step sons Marco and Johnny. One step daughter Marissa.  I also have two step daughters from before Kymber and Brianna. I am happy they have all been in my life.

I was adapted at birth. I had Great grandparents Ken and Helen Larson. I have a great sister Wendy, Two step sisters in Kellie and Michelle. A brother Mike. I have some great Aunt and Uncles. I have some extended family now. I found my biological parents later in life. It has lead me to some really good people. The Tolson Family to start, what a great find. I have new nephews and cousins all over. It has been quite a ride and it looks like we found maybe more family this week. I will keep you posted. I also have a half sister in Jonna and a half brother in Steven, even an Uncle Bob. Life is crazy sometimes.

I love to play sports, love the outdoors and love hikes with my wife. Long days at the beach and camping trips. I want to see the world. I love hanging in the backyard, A BBQ and swimming in the pool. Boat rides on the lake.

I am currently searching for a better way to do things. I am looking hard and strong. I am currently in The Master Key Master Mind Alliance and could not be more excited. Life is good. I learn something new everyday. Thoughts are the power within. Take care of your thoughts and The Universe will take care of you.

Peace and Love.  jeff

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