Press Release

San Clemente, Ca-  February 2021.

It is a brisk winter day in San Clemente. The sun is bright, we have cool breezes coming off the ocean with a few scattered clouds.  A nice shore break with waves in the 3 to 4 foot range. Water temp 52 for you surfers heading out. There is a crowd gathering to see what is going on today. Seagulls are flying around looking for food scrapes. We are here today Live with The Kelly & Michael show on CBS. We are in front of the San Clemente Pier on the bluff. The second bench up the cliff from the Pier.

The interview is starting-

Kelly and Micheal: Hello Jeff and Angela. So why have you chosen this beautiful spot for today’s interview?

Jeff and Angela: Well Hello back it is great to be here with you guys today. This is were we walked to on our first official date. We sat right on this very bench and looked at each other like we were two teenagers again. Totally in love with each other. We were married just three months later.

K&M- That was a great story and what a beautiful view. We are here today to talk about what has been going on with you guys lately. It’s been a wild few years for you guys?

J&A- It really has. We have been blessed that our business took off.  We’ve been able to travel the world. Angela and myself have seen the good and the bad out there and are grateful we have been able to help with our charities all over.

K&M- You must be really excited with the release of your new book? Life is Beautiful..

J&A- Yes we are. Who would have every guessed it. We are really proud of the book and the process to get here.. It tells our story in a way that we think can help others. It talks about our choice to start a home based business. How we changed our thinking. How are new thoughts really changed the direction of our lives. We have had some really great people come into our lives.

K&M- Yes we read the chapter about the Master key mastermind allience. Wow that was really amazing. It seems people all around the world are finding out about their teachings?

J&A- Yes, that was one of the best choices we ever made. My Business partner JR spoke about a training coming up. At the time we had just come on board and did not know about the class. He mentioned it was going to start that following Sunday. I woke up that Sunday morning in a panic and just knew I had to get involved in the class some how. Long story short we started Master Key Master Mind Alliance with Mark and Davene that day and never looked back. No books or anything, just the faith that we belonged there. So we started our 6 month Journey. It was just a great time of self discovery. When we finished it was like having a golden ticket. Angela and myself had such an advantage over everyone who had not learned to control there thoughts. Everything just took of for us from the moment we started the class. We have stayed involved ever since and have become great friends with the both of Davene and Mark J. We are actually meeting them for dinner next week to catch up at there beautiful home in Kauai.  The Master Key part of our book is my favorite. Without that who knows were we would be. I am sure glad we never had to find out.

K&M- Why do you think it change your life so much?

J&A-  For us that is simple. It changed everything. How we thought about life. The choices we were making. It taught us to take control and personal responsibility of our thoughts. It changed how we acted and how the rest of the world looked at us. How you think and your thoughts do change your life. Keep it positive and loving. Then everything works out. Writing out your Darma does not hurt either. We feel blessed we got involved so early with MKMMA. Though the secret is out now. You can hardly get in the class these days. It is so popular around the world. Millions have had there lives changed in some way from these teachings. Who knows how much positive thoughts and energy are floating around out there because of this one act of starting the class and spreading the word. Always pay it forward.

K&M-  Wow that sounds awesome. Has it helped in other areas?

J&A- It has brought everything together for us. First thing our love for each other, we just let it happen now. We are each others mastermind. It taught us to stop being in competition with each other.When that happened the rest just fell into place. Our thoughts and actions where in tune together. The rest just followed naturally. Everything we needed just appeared like we thought it would. Our wildest dreams just happened. The business just went crazy with little effort of our own. We just stayed focused and positive.  Everything we wrote about our DMP just came true. We got all the toys, the and houses. Everything that our imagination could come up with. The best part has been the charity work. Not only did we get the orphanage in Mexico up and going.  Threw our partnership with JR and Dave at Xcellent Choice. We’ve gotten to opening 5 more homes for children around the world. Even better news there are 5 more being planned . Not only that, my work for a GMO free world has really taken off. Everyone has seen the value of whole foods and we have all but eliminated GMO foods in the world food supply. It should really turn the tide on the current health trends.

K&M- So we hear all the proceeds to your new book have been donated?

J&A- Yes we have more than we could possibly ever need. We have chosen are favorite charities for all the books proceeds to be given away to. All of the charities mentioned before plus our big concern for Childhood Hunger and the homeless. That is was were it all begin. Way back in the Las Vegas days. Before we even imagined any of this.  We did a cookie and jacket drive every Christmas.  We had all our friends come over to make cookies and everyone donated Jackets for the homeless. We would take the cookies and jackets around to those who were in need. It was all Angela’s idea way back then. That’s why I love her so much. She has always cared more about others and has dragged me along for the ride.

M&K- So what is next for you to?

J&A- Well we have the book tour to finish. Both on the States and around the world. After that we are just going back to what we do best. In June the first of the new Orphanages well opening in the LA area. We are both very proud of this one. I think we all forget the help that is needy right here in the good old USA.  Then we have a few speaking engagements to finish out the year.

K&M- Well it was great having you guys on today we are running out of time. Keep up the great work. It has been a pleasure having you on the show today.

J&A- Thanks Kelly and Micheal. We appreciate being here and the opportunity to share our story . Don’t forget thoughts do change your life and the lives of others around you. Keep yours positive and give more than you receive. In the end the Universe works everything out. Make a plan and imagine it in your mind. Build a good foundation and the world can be yours.

I always keep my promises.

Piece and love.  Jeff and Angela

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