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MKMMA week 10 – Wow. Who was that guy..


The ordinary man, who has no definite knowledge of cause and effect, is governed by his feelings or emotions. The Master Key Part 10.  Wow, this really hit home this week. This is my old blueprint.  This was me. I guess I knew about cause and effect. I new that when I seemed to stay positive good things happened. Then when I was negative I attracted bad things or things just did not work out so good.  But even until I started this class. I was Mr. emotional.  You knew what I was feeling and what I was thinking by my emotions. People played it off like I was just passionate or he just cares more.  I was the greatest arguer and could win at it every time. It was easy. Sometimes I didn’t even like what I was arguing over. I just wanted to see if I could change someones mind about what they thought. I won every time. At least in my mind.

Wow I put a lot of energy into nothing. I contributed nothing to others and made them most likely feel bad. I would call have to call it ego. What an ego I had. I mean really. From what I have learned and concentrated on the last 10 weeks what a difference. To start  I forgive everyone to writing my Dharma. Practicing the seven laws of the mind.  Reading things that have created new habits.  My index cards. Writing I promise to.. I always keep my promises.  Holding myself accountable.  Saying do it now, 25 times twice a day.  The mental diet 7 days of only positive thoughts. (in a row. Make a mistake and start over) It has been a full ride. I am just no longer that person. The one who liked to argue. I have no opinion now and its by design.

Now we all know that other guy or blueprint will try to sneak back. But I must say he is at bay now. He is no longer controlling or even has a say in whats going to happen. My thoughts have slowed down. They are more concentrated. I am focus on the present and my Dharma. I know what I want.  I am doing the things to get me there. The little things that stopped progress before are just not there. aka me. I am a new and better me. I have turned the corner as they say. I have found a new calmness and spirituality. I am excited to learn again. I see me in the future and concentrate on it daily knowing the universe will bring me the tools to get there. How cool is that?

Life is funny. When you decide enough is enough. The universe will get you the knowledge you seek.  It will bring things into your life you never expected. Now that I have the keys I well never let them go. These are my thoughts and my mind. I will stay positive and focused. I may trip but I will get up quickly and learn that lesson.  Then I will move forward. Our thoughts and what we think are everything. Cause and effect.  It is our choice what we want to cause and what the effect is. So stay positive. Dream big. Use your imagination.  Give more. Get more.

Peace and love Jeff



Master Key Master mind week 9 – What happened this week


So I was riding high at the start of the week. I think my old blue print heard the word Bye week for our class. Then it came at me strong. I let everything get in the way. I let myself do half __ __ __ work.  First it is was helping a friend on Monday and Tuesday night. Both nights I really did not concentrate on my readings like normal when I got home. (past midnight both nights)  Wednesday was getting ready for the holiday. Thursday was the holiday.  Friday I was not feeling well.  Saturday was just a lazy day. My God I wasted a whole week doing everything at half speed. Yes I still read and thought about everything. My issue is I can do better. I did not put my whole self into anything this week.

Funny thing is I guess that means something has changed. I am holding myself accountable. I really feel like I stole from myself. I did not give it my all and I know it. I am also not lying to myself about it. I know I cheated me. When I read the man on the wall. I had to look myself in the eyes and know I only cheated me.

So where do we go from here? I am not a quitter. I will work through this. I will step my game up. This is the most important work I have ever done. I love doing this. It makes me feel empowered and good about Jeff. I feel passion. I feel love. I give more so I get more.

I promise to

I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Harmonious, and Happy.

I always keep my promises.

Peace and love Jeff


MKMMA week 8 – Think no Evil, Say no Evil, hear no Evil…


Hello Everyone,

So maybe those 3 little monkeys were smarter than we thought. We should have taken them more seriously. I know I just looked and laughed. Oh, Look how cute they are. I should have thought how truthful they are. In MKMMA we have learned that our thoughts or thinking really controls everything in your life. May it be the good in your life or what we call evil. It all comes from your thinking and what you think about everything.

Example, Two guys both are looking for the same thing in life. One of them thinks positively and loves. He stays in balance with the natural laws. The other guy hates evil and thinks about it all the time. They both have the same goals and want to get the same in life. Person A lives his life in peace and harmony. Person B brings upon himself discord of ever kind and character.

Why is this? Same goals, Just different outlooks and thoughts.  This is not by mistake. There are Immutable laws in the Universe. Which are very cool to learn. ( they don’t tell us this in school) One is that thoughts result in action. If your thoughts are constructive and harmonious, The results are good. If your thoughts are destructive and inharmonious the result is evil.

Think about it? If we hate anything even evil itself. Hatred is destructive and will attract things you don’t want in your life. So we must love and care for all things.  We must as people keep all negative thoughts away. Be the keeper of your gate.

The great thing is there are laws of the mind. ( Covered in a blog, from earlier) You can use them to keep out the negative thoughts. Or at least beat them down when they come. It is amazing, put up the fight, guard your mine and they start coming less and less.  I forgive everyone. So that takes away everyone’s power over my mind. I can attach a feeling of my choice to any thought. So no feeling to any thought makes it go away. I only attach feeling to the thoughts that are constructive and helpful to my Darma. I have the power to replace a negative thought with a positive thought Instantly. How cool is that? My choice and mine only.. I choose to practice this at all times. What happens with Practice? It becomes easy so we want to do it all the time. Best thing, now my mind has become more Relaxed and in a better state at all times. Because I am in a calm state of mind I can access the universal mind and have access to infinite intelligence.

Last but not least. I great this day with love in my heart. This is the greatest secret of success. I love all manners of men. My love opens the hearts of others and breaks down all bridges. It protects me in times of need like a shield. In time I will walk tall and unencumbered among all manners of men.

I greet this day with love in my heart.

Peace and Love. Jeff



MasterKey week 7- Positive thoughts only please…


Another week of discovery, focus and learning all about me. Fast becoming my favorite subject. Mark J was right again.  This is a big adjustment. It has been down right frustrating and funny at the same time when you try to go all positive. I mean all positive. No negative thoughts period.  Then you add in love everyone and everything. Oh, ya. No opinions either. Holly Molly.. My old blue print has no were to go. It is down right feeling trapped.

Why is this you say?  Oh, Let me tell you. I have started My Mental Diet. What is that?  Well I have a goal of going 7 days straight with all Positive thoughts only. Like everyone else I do make mistakes and a negative thought does sneak out. What do I do?  I have some fantastic tools to use. The first being Law of Substitution.  I can instantly replace a negative thought with a positive one.  I have 5 to 7 seconds to do this. If I don’t I get to start all over.

Well lets recap.. Monday and Tuesday well lets just say. Every 20 minutes or so. BUZZ.. Go back to start. It was like wow. A news story. BUZZ… Start over…  Politics..  BUZZ..  Start over…  Conversation with the wife… BUZZ start over..  Watching sports… BUZZ.. start over…  it was down right funny…  until you really start really watching what your thinking you have no clue. It is just what we do. Its just normal.. Or at least we think that.

Come Wednesday it has started getting better.  I am catching myself. I am using my other tools like looking at my Move poster. Its a Law to. If I look at that my brain can’t stay negative. You can only think of one thing at a time, cool little trick. Another funny thing. You start driving those thoughts away and they start going away. Your mind starts to slow down, not so many things bouncing around in there. You become more focused. You start becoming even more creative in your thoughts. I had a break through making my music and DMP project.

So there I am, I just finished doing 2 songs for the project. But i was unhappy with the second ones quality. So I was searching Youtube and came across Reiki Zen Meditation music.  Turned it on to check it out. Next thing you know I decided to do a Meditation. (it was a Service I needed to start) My wife had given me some basic pointers. So I went for it. Wow. Really got to a good place. It was wonderful.  My mind calmed way down. Positive enriching thoughts and creativity just came. I found a really happy place.

Long story short. (its late)  I will be meditating daily and listening to this music. I erased all my new recordings to start over. Then I went in and rewrote my Darma. It just did not flow right and did not feel right over music. So I will rerecord my project in the morning. Meanwhile I wrote all you fine folks.  Can’t wait for Thursday.  I love this stuff..

Peace and love Jeff

I always keep my promises.